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Clean Water Education

Saturday, June 22 - 10 am to 3 pm

Join us at the education tent and a series of educational workshops for all ages!

Kids visiting the education tent can get a "clean water passport" which will be stamped upon visiting each of the exhibits. Completed passports will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket!



11:00 am: Plastic-Free: From the Individual to the World 

-Marissa Jablonski, Sustainability Consultant and Environmental Advisor

12:00 pm: Aquatic Invasive Species & Native Plants In Our Lakes

-Tom Koepp, Manager, Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District


1:00 pm: Turtles of Wisconsin

-Helen Holtz, Land Management Director for the Waukesha County Land Conservancy

2:00 pm: Sustainable Yardening

-Jayne Jenks, Conservation Specialist, Waukesha County

Thank you to the following organizations who have offered their time and information on how we can all be better stewards of our precious water resources: 

Lake Country Clean Waters

Lake Country Clean Waters is a coalition of stakeholders

 seeking to bring people together to protect our Lake Country waterways.

Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District

View and handle aquatic plants (native and invasive) and “critters” to learn about nature’s residents of Pewaukee Lake.

Pewaukee River Partnership

The Pewaukee River Partnership is a community volunteer group that works to preserve, protect, promote and enhance the Pewaukee River and its surrounding watershed. Learn more about the Pewaukee River and its watershed as well as current and past projects of the partnership.

Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program

Working in partnership to protect and improve the soil and water quality in the Oconomoc River watershed.

Prairie Springs Environmental Education Center and Greene Field Station At Carroll University

Freshwater mussels are an endangered species that can tell us a lot about the health of  our waterways. Learn why mussels are important and about a statewide effort to monitor their populations.

Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club
See how this club had dedicated time and efforts to bring the Lake Country Clean Water Festival to Lake Country all while still practicing and performing water ski shows free to the community.

Tall Pines Conservancy

The mission of Tall Pines Conservancy is to preserve our rural heritage by protecting remaining farmland, water resources and natural areas and open spaces adjacent to and impacting Northwestern Waukesha County.

Farmers for Lake Country

This farmer-led group assists with farmer education and engagement in conservation cost-share programs.

The objectives of these programs are to improve soil health and help preserve and protect our lakes and streams.

Walleyes for Tomorrow-Pewaukee Chapter

Learn about a new effort to improve the population of Walleye in Pewaukee Lake and see how you can become involved to make sure the habitat for Walleye thrives in Pewaukee Lake into the future.

Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use
The exhibit will show run off from pavement vs runoff from soil and will highlight the damage caused by impervious surfaces to our waters.

Waukesha County Green Team
Stop by and see our interactive displays, then take the Eco-Action Challenge and learn about simple actions you can take to dramatically reduce your water footprint!

Waukesha County Land Conservancy

Our exhibit will provide information on our land and water conservation in Waukesha County

Pewaukee Green Team

The Pewaukee Green Team will have a display showing water infiltration into different types of soil with the purpose of advocating for rain gardens near Pewaukee Lake

Women Who Kayak

Women Who Kayak was developed as a community for women to come together and share their favorite kayaking experiences and tips, to develop friendships, and participate in events that help preserve our precious waterways. We regularly host cleanup paddles across the state.

Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Learn about SEWRPC's work in Lake Country, including maps, plans of aquatic plant management , and comprehensive plans that have been created for Lake Country lakes.

Waukesha County Aquatic Invasive Species

We will exhibit aquatic invasive species in Wisconsin and the surrounding area, talk about their impacts on waterways as well as prevention steps.

KT Kayak

Learn about the importance of keeping our waterways clean for recreactional purposes, such as kayaking! Take a brief lesson on how to kayak.

Many thanks to the following sponsors who make this festival possible:
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