Clean Water Education

Thanks to the following organizations who have offered their time and information on how we can all be better stewards of our precious water resources: 

Canned Water 4 Kids

By tapping into the global can industry, clean water, packaged in aluminum cans, will become our symbol and billboard for spreading the word while developing strong grassroots awareness and participation.

Lake Country Clean Waters

Helping to Protect Lake Country
Water Resources

Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District

View and handle aquatic plants (native and invasive) and “critters” to teach the community about nature’s residents of Pewaukee Lake.

Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program

Working in partnership to protect and improve the soil and water quality in the Oconomoc river watershed.

Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club
See how this club had dedicated time and efforts to bring the Lake Country Clean Water Festival to Lake Country all while still practicing and performing water ski shows free to the community.

Pewaukee Area Arts Council

PAAC exists to encourage and promote quality arts experiences, programs, events and cultural opportunities in the greater Lake Country area community.

Pewaukee Lake Sailing School

Try your hand at knot tying and learn about the clean water sport of sailing.

Reeling in the Future.

Reeling in the Future was founded with a simple goal: “Give youth, who have not had an opportunity to fish, a chance to experience Creation through fishing.”

Sweet Water - Respect our Waters

Even if you don't live right next to a lake or river, you have a direct impact on our waterways. This happens in the form of storm water and without even noticing, many of us pollute our water every time it rains!

With the help of spokesdog "Sparkles" we will be sharing tips and displaying videos on how we can all reduce water pollution in our own backyard. Visit our table to participate in a bag toss and trivia game!

Tall Pines Conservancy

The mission of Tall Pines Conservancy is to preserve our rural heritage by protecting remaining farmland, water resources and natural areas and open spaces adjacent to and impacting Northwestern Waukesha County.

Walleyes for Tomorrow-Pewaukee Chapter

Learn about a new effort to improve the population of Walleye in Pewaukee Lake and see how you can become involved to make sure the habitat for Walleye thrives in Pewaukee Lake into the future.

The Water Council
Learn about Milwaukee's premier freshwater hub and how our city is positioned as a leader in water innovation.  Gain an understanding of the many area organizations that treat, manage, move, measure and protect the environment's water.  Information on water-related education and careers will also be available.

Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use
Come see how a collection of macroinvertebrates collected from a local stream can provide an index of water quality.

Waukesha County Green Team
Stop by and see our interactive displays on organic lawn care and water conservation. Then, take the Eco-Action Challenge and learn about simple actions you can take to dramatically reduce your water footprint!

Be Green Pro

Be Green Pro, LLC is led by founder and owner Patricia Beres and is operated in Pewaukee, WI. They specialize in earth, people and pet-friendly landscape solutions.  Utilizing their collective knowledge and expertise gained from over 25 years of experience in various personal, commercial, contractor and manufacturing capacities. They are licensed by the State of Wisconsin and continually research and upgrade their industry education to better serve customers.


Be Green Pro’s mission is to be the responsible and trusted provider to your lawn, tree, insect, and pest needs in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Many thanks to the following sponsors who make this festival possible: