4th Annual Lake Country Clean Water Festival

June 20-21, 2014

The Lake Country Clean Water Festival is sponsored by the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club in conjunction with the Pewaukee Kiwanis Beach Party on the third weekend in June each summer.


The mission of the Lake Country Clean Water Festival is to raise awareness for the increasing need for the preservation of Lake Country’s waterways and to raise money for funding efforts to clean the lakes so that everyone may continue to enjoy the fun and beauty that lakes bring to our community.


To fulfill this mission, the festival:


• Brings awareness to the growing issues facing our lakes and watersheds here in Lake Country. Our education tent features local lake ecology experts that help us to understand how we can take care of our precious lakes.


• Raises money through the generosity of our sponsors to fund initiatives that help to clean and restore our lakes and preserve them for generations to come. Money is also used to provide students with opportunities to learn how they can become a part of the solution. To date, over $25,000 has been donated to local groups that are focused on water quality and education.


• Provides an opportunity for all to enjoy the many recreational activities that our lakes afford. From learning to water ski, to fishing, to pontoon boat rides, to Zumba on the beach - there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy!


Our lakes are a vital part of our community and central to the high quality of life we enjoy in Lake Country. Come out and join us as we celebrate our gems – the lakes of Lake Country!



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